The Storerooms

On Sigismondo and Panaria the galley or the pantry where the food was stored, is particularly rich in delicacies.

While on board, in fact, you will have the opportunity to taste the typical specialties of the Aeolian cousine, a mix of traditions and cultures that have characterized these territories for centuries.

The recipes are mainly based on fish that is enhanced by the fragrance of aromatic herbs such as rosemary, basil, mint, catnip, but also flavored with olives, tomatoes, garlic and capers. Among the most popular dishes include the grilled fish, spaghetti alla Stromboliana, pasta with sea urchins, the Aeolian Caponata, the stuffed squid, redfish alla Liparota.

Don't forget that the menu may often change!

Infact, the fish is caught during the trip and, if you want, you can join fishing trips and have the pleasure of tasting dishes that are always different, depending on what nature provides.